How Can I Get Itemised Bill In Airtel Postpaid?

How can I download my Airtel postpaid bill?

Request for a duplicate bill at 121 or register for e-bill and view your detailed statement online, with the facility to segregate calculate your personal usage.

No Charges for Current + previous 2 bills..

Can we get incoming call details Airtel postpaid?

You can not get incoming call detail whether it’s prepaid or postpaid. … Call your customer care and you can get your last 15 call details on IVR. Call your customer care that is 111 & 198 and request for a itemized bill for Rs. 45/month.

How can I check my postpaid bill?

How To Check Vodafone Postpaid Bill Online Using Website?Step 1: Visit Vodafone’s official website on your smartphone or PC.Step 2: Enter your Login details.Step 3: After logging in, click on ‘My Accounts’Step 4: Under this tab, you can find your unused minutes and data.More items…•

What is Airtel account number? Airtel Number Check Code. *282# You can also know Airtel number check code by using MyAirtel App.

How can I check my Airtel postpaid bill by SMS?

How to check Airtel Postpaid Calls, Data and Plan details using Codes:Code for Unbilled amount – SMS UNB to 121.Code for Outstanding Amount – SMS OT to 121.Code for Last 3 payment details – SMS PAY to 121.Code for Bill Summary – SMS BILL to 121.Code for Start a service – SMS START to 121.More items…•

How can I pay my Airtel postpaid inactive number?

Now you have to enter Airtel Postpaid bill payment details such as Account Number, Mobile Number, Amount, and Email Address. You can check Account Number on your bill receipt. Then give submit.

How can I get my Airtel postpaid call history?

First download Official Airtel Call History App from Play Store.Now register for new account by email id.Once your account created enter you mobile number.Simply click on get call history option.That’s it you will get your last 1 year call history.

What is the code to check Airtel call details?

You need to send an SMS of the month name and email ID and send it to 121. For instance, if you want the itemized bill for January, then we need to send an SMS ‘EPREBILL>JAN>CDAIRTEL@EMAILID to the number 121. Then, you will get the call records in just 121 to your email ID in less than six hours.

How can I get invoice from Airtel App?

If you are using Airtel app, just check your registered email or transaction section on app and download invoice.

How can I know my Airtel postpaid bill outstanding amount?

You can check your postpaid bill amount by dialling *121# from your Airtel postpaid number. – Select Airtel postpaid offers and promo codes that you are eligible for.

How can I open Airtel postpaid bill?

How to Get Airtel Bill Password?SMS: EBILL PASSWORD to 121 from your airtel mobile to get your password.e-bill password remains the same for every e-bill sent month on month.Kindly remember that the password is case sensitive (all lower case) and should not include any special character.More items…