How Do I Get More Fuel Points At Kroger?

Do Kroger fuel points carry over?

Fuel Points expire the last day of the month after they are earned.

For example, Fuel Points earned in May expire on June 30th.

Monthly balances do not combine across months – each month is a separate earning period..

Does Kroger have double fuel points?

Whenever you shop and use your Shopper’s Card, you’ll earn 1 Fuel Point for every $1 you spend. Plus, you’ll earn 2X Fuel Points on gift cards! You can easily redeem Fuel Points you’ve earned at any of our Fuel Centers.

Can I use Kroger fuel points at BP?

Every 100 Fuel Points they earn awards them with a 10-cent per gallon (up to $1) discount at BP stations or its Amoco subsidiary. …

How do I redeem my Kroger points?

Present your Kroger Plus Card to the cashier to receive discounts and obtain fuel rewards points. Redeem your fuel points by going to a participating Kroger or Shell gas station. Present your Kroger Plus Card and receive your discount for each gallon of gas you purchase.

How do Kroger 4x fuel points work?

When buying third party gift cards, earning 4x fuel points means you can save up to 14% on gas. … If you’ll be buying in-store, you have to load the digital coupons to your account first, whereas you’ll automatically earn 4x fuel points when buying gift cards from Kroger online.

Is Kroger Top Tier gas?

Kroger is not rated top-tier, although they may be buying their gas from Shell or Valero or Quik Trip, which means it is top tier, or somewhere like Race Trac, which is not top tier. … – Gasoline is gasoline. …

How long do Kroger fuel points last?

Additionally, there is a 35-gallon maximum per fuel purchase. Note: Fuel points earned in one month are good through the end of the next month….Kroger Fuel Points Expiration TableFuel Points Earned in the Month ofExpire at the End of This DayDecember1/3111 more rows•Oct 4, 2019

Are Kroger fuel points worth it?

Every 10 points are worth 1 cent off per gallon of gas on your next fill-up. Kroger often makes it easy to earn fuel points by offering bonus earnings of 2x to 4x per dollar on gift cards and certain grocery items. … You then redeem My CentsOff points for savings at the pump or Amazon gift cards.

Does Kroger have 4 times Fuel points?

If you do, and if you’re in an area that offers Kroger Fuel Points on gasoline, you can enjoy 4x fuel points when you purchase select restaurant and retail gift cards. This is a great way to save on gas, home improvement, restaurants, and more!

How do I use my last month’s Dillons Fuel points?

Redeeming is easy! Scan your Shoppers card or enter your alt-id and follow the pump prompt instruction to redeem your Fuel Points.

How can I save money at Kroger?

Get the customer card. It pays — literally — to be loyal. … Sign up for the free Friday download. … Double your fuel points with gift cards. … Use a website like Kroger Krazy. … Shop for discounted Kroger gift cards. … Keep your Catalinas. … Apply for Kroger’s 1-2-3 REWARDS Visa Card.

How do I use Kroger fuel points from last month?

At Kroger Fuel Centers , to use point amounts greater than 100 from prior month’s fuel total, simply select option 2 (CHANGE AMT) when prompted. Enter in an amount equal to or lower than your prior month’s total (savings amount displayed will be greatest amount you can save when filling up).

Who takes Kroger fuel points?

Customers may redeem their Fuel Points at Kroger Fuel Centers or participating Shell stations by using their Kroger Plus Card or other Kroger family of stores card at the pump, manually entering their card number or entering their alternate ID, which will initiate the fuel savings.

How do I increase my Kroger fuel points?

You could earn your $1.00 off/gallon with groceries alone. This is quite possibly the most lucrative way to rack up your fuel points. Kroger has partnered with dozens of chains so you can buy gift cards to just about anywhere during your grocery run. Buying a gift card at Kroger = 2X fuel points.

How do I check my fuel points on Kroger app?

If you don’t have your most recent Kroger sales receipt, call 1-800-KROGERS to check your rewards points balance. Follow the instructions and enter your Kroger Plus Card number when prompted. To check your rewards points balance online, open your computer’s Internet browser and go to “”.