Question: Can I Convert Paytm Gold To Cash?

Did Paytm not get cashback?

Go to the order section on paytm website, not on app.

Then click on the particular order, then click on the cashback option, it will be credited instantly.

Just call paytm and they are immediately credited cash back on call..

How can I get 200 rupees in Paytm free?

You need to complete 3 payments within 30 days to earn up to Rs. 200 cashback. 2. On your first transaction, the offer will be automatically activated for you.

How can I get 200 cashback on Paytm KYC?

Terms & Conditions: 20 will be credited in your Paytm wallet within 72 hours. This is not applicable to KYC completed through home visit. Use promo code AADHAAR200 to avail Rs. 180 additional Cashback on recharge/bill payments.

How can I get 50 cashback on Paytm?

Visit or Click here from app to avail the offer. Enter your details. Enter Coupon Code at the time of recharge.

How can I activate Paytm cashback?

Am I eligible for merchant cashback?Tap on “CashBack” icon in extreme right on the top of home page.Here you can see all new offers for which you are eligible.Click on any offer for more details like offer eligibility, offer conditions, offer duration etc.Click on “Activate Offer” to avail particular offer.

Can I sell Paytm gold?

Step 1: Log into Paytm app and select the ‘Gold’ icon. Step 2: Select ‘Sell’ option appearing at the top of the page. Step 3: One can sell gold accumulated on Paytm in either rupees or gram. For example, user can either sell 0.1 gram or Re 1 and above.

Is Paytm Gold profitable?

But This will be a big setback for Paytm. The money is being looted by MMTC Limited, not Paytm. It works similar to Bitcoin. There is not profit in Gold trading.

How can I get Paytm cash instantly?

Paytm Money App1) MiniJoy Pro Or MiniJoy Lite.2) Big Cash App.3) 4Fun App.4 ) Money 91 / Mall91 App.5) Pocket Money App.6) CashBoss App.7) Bulb Smash App.

Can I get cashback in Paytm with minimum KYC?

Paytm says that all users will continue to receive cashback in their accounts irrespective of their KYC status. However, non-KYC users can not transfer this money to their bank accounts or to any other Paytm users, whereas KYC users will be able to send their cashback to their Bank account.

Is Paytm gold good?

1000 worth of purest form of gold from Paytm at the market rate without incurring any additional cost. … But, the awesomeness of the product is that your gold is under the security of MMTC, as Paytm claims. And, you can redeem it at any point of time in the form of 1 gm -2 gm- 3gm- 5gm- 10gm- 20gm.

How can I get free gold on Paytm?

How To Get ₹100 Paytm Gold Balance For FreeThis Is Account Specific Offer But Maximum Merchant Account Is Elizabel For ₹100 Gold Cashback.Open Paytm App > Goto Gold Options.Enter Amount ₹100 On Old Purchase Amount.Apply Promocode – GOLDFEB100.After Applying It Successful Complete The ₹0 Transaction.More items…

What is the benefit of Paytm gold?

Your gold will be stored in MMTC PAMP’s secure & 100% insured lockers for free and you will have the power to get your gold delivered whenever you want. With Paytm gold you can get rid of extra charges like making charge, locker fee etc which is required for physical gold.

What is gold cashback in Paytm?

To make things easier for you, we are introducing cashback as Paytm Gold. That means whether you are shopping online, paying utility bills or buying movie/travel tickets, you can earn pure gold kept for free in MMTC-PAMP’s secured lockers!

How can I get cashback from Paytm gold?

In case you want to sell your Gold, you will have to provide your bank account number to which funds can be credited. In case the Gold can’t be credited to your account due to KYC or any other reason, Paytm will credit Cashback in your Paytm wallet in case of such failures.

How safe is Paytm gold?

Krishna Hegde, senior vice president, Paytm says “Paytm Gold is stored absolutely free of cost in highly secure vaults of MMTC-PAMP. … This physical gold is stored in a physical locker tagged to the customer till the time it is sold.