Question: Can I Create Facebook Account Without Phone Number?

How can I create a Yahoo account without phone number 2019?

It’s not possible to create a new Yahoo account without listing a cell phone number.

You could make up a cell phone number but when you enter the number Yahoo is going to send a text message to that number so that you can verify that the number actually belongs to you..

How can I create Facebook account with phone number?

To create a Facebook account:Go to the name you go by in everyday life.Enter your email or mobile phone number.Select your gender and date of birth, and choose a password.Tap Sign Up.To finish creating your account, you need to confirm your email or mobile phone number.

Can you make a Facebook account without a phone number?

Note: If you don’t have a mobile phone number, you can create an account with your email instead.

Can I have 2 facebook accounts with one phone number?

No,you can’t have two separate Facebook account using the same phone number. Because,when you signup in Facebook with a Number or Email,that number or email is saved on Facebook Database.

Is phone number mandatory for Facebook?

Hi Donald, We ask you to provide a phone number because we want to make sure that this is really you and that you’re connecting to Facebook with just one account.

How do I make a Facebook account without a phone number and email?

Register on a Mobile DeviceBrowse to “” and click “Create New Account.”Enter your first and last name, birthday, gender and password in the appropriate fields. Enter your email address instead of your phone number in the field labeled “Email or Phone.”Click “Sign Up” to create the account.

How can I create account without phone number?

Gmail – Google will let you create an account, and skip the part about entering a phone number, although you must provide birthday and “Create account“Follow steps (and skip phone number)Then, agree to Google’s Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

How do I bypass phone verification on Facebook?

Method 1: Bypass Facebook Phone Verification Using TextNowStep 1: Go to and register. You’ll get a free phone number from TextNow after signing up.Step 2: Open … Step 3: Under Confirm number by, choose to Give me a call option.Step 4: Now, you’ll receive a call on your TextNow account.

What accounts are linked to my phone number?

Unfortunately, it’s not easy to see which accounts are linked to your phone number. There is no database that tracks how your phone number is used, and your phone service provider doesn’t have this information either. The only way to check is to use the “account recovery” process for websites, platforms, and apps.