Question: Can I Reverse Airtime To Mpesa?

Can you reverse airtime?

To get back your airtime for most subscribers, you will be required to call a customer care agent and inform them immediately.

You can contact them through their Facebook page, Telegram, Twitter or dialling 100.

The fastest and most efficient way is by dialling the above number..

How do you reverse a Momo transaction?

Different ways to reverse MTN mobile money transferCall 100 within the first 15 days from the day you made the wrong transaction.Select your language.Select mobile money.Select wrongful mobile cash transactions.Select ‘speak to an agent’.Explain your situation to the agent on the call.More items…•

How do I reverse a Paybill?

To reverse an M-Pesa transaction sent to the wrong paybill, you have to forward the Mpesa transaction SMS or text message you received to the shortcode 456. When you send the SMS to the Mpesa reversal code 456, the refund will be made within 24 hours.

How long does it take to reverse a wrong mpesa transaction?

between 24 to 48 hoursHow long does it take to reverse a wrong M-Pesa transaction? The reversal request process is the most natural part; waiting is the hardest. You’ll have to be patient for the customer service representatives to complete their due diligence. Safaricom takes typically between 24 to 48 hours to complete the reversal.

How do I reverse my airtime to wrong number Safaricom?

How to reverse airtime sent to wrong numberCall Safaricom 100.Select Language.Select MPesa Transaction Service option.Inform the customer care representative that you have sent airtime to the wrong number and request for reversal. … Wait for Safaricom to follow up on the issue.

How do I reverse MTN airtime to mobile money?

How to reverse MTN Mobile Money Transactions (Change Airtime back into cash)Dial *170#Enter 7 for Wallet.Enter 5 for Airtime Reversal.Enter 1 to confirm the reversal.

How do I reverse a withdrawal from my wrong agent?

Mpesa Agents-How To Reverse MoneyStep 1: Send an SMS to 2530 with the transaction number and you wil receive a confirmation in seconds.Step 2: Use USSD Code 234 to Reverse. Dial *234# on your Till Line. … STEP 3;CALL Customer Care. CALL Customer Care on 234 again with the reversal request.

Can Vodacom reverse airtime purchase?

Airtime Transfer transactions will not be reversed once completed successfully.

How does Vodacom airtime transfer work?

What is Airtime Transfer? Airtime Transfer is a FREE service that lets you send airtime from your cellphone to any Vodacom Prepaid or Top Up customer. The cost will either be deducted from your Prepaid airtime or added to your monthly bill.

Is airtime advance transferable?

Airtime Advance can be taken in denominations of R5, R10 and R20 (VAT Inclusive), to qualifying customers. … Customers will be allowed to transfer airtime from their Airtime Advance as per the current Airtime Transfer business rules.

How do I reverse Vodacom airtime transfer?

A Vodacom customer who wishes to use Reverse Charge simply dials 082 180 plus the full cellphone number (example 082 180 082 123 4567) of the Vodacom contract customer he/she wishes to call. The contract customer has the option to accept or reject the Reverse Charge call.

How do you convert airtime into cash?

Easy steps on how to quickly convert airtime to cash.Register or login using aimtoget app or web.Go to “Fund wallet” select airtime option.Select Network, input Amount and Phone number you are transferring from.Transfer the airtime to the displayed number.And lastly, Confirm transfer.

Can you transfer credit from one SIM to another?

Transfer Your Credit With certain exceptions, it normally isn’t possible to transfer credit between mobile networks. … If you’re changing to another Pay As You Go account on the same network, you should contact your mobile network to ask them to transfer your credit to your new account.

How do I reverse a credit transfer to the wrong number?

How to reverse wrong MPESA transactionImmediately you realise you sent money to the wrong Safaricom MPESA No, just go to the SMS you received from Safaricom.Copy that Transaction Code and create a blank SMS, paste it there and send to the number 456.Safaricom will do their best to reverse that transaction.More items…

How long is Vodacom airtime valid?

three yearsVodacom, SA’s dominant operator, says the airtime is the voucher, so it is valid for three years. Once exchanged for goods, the three-year requirement falls away.

How many minutes is r50 airtime?

R50 for the month and get like 50 minutes.

How do I reverse money from Pesapal to mpesa?

Here’s how to do it:Go to your Pesapal Sabi App and go to the navigation panel.Select ‘View Activity’ and a list of all your transaction will be displayed.Select the transaction you wish to reverse.On the transaction page, click on the green ‘Issue Refund’ button.More items…