Question: Can We Delete Transaction History In PhonePe?

How do I get my money back from PhonePe?

Just message them via CONTACT US in app, they will reply.

I was told to wait for 5 days to refund back to source bank a/c.

Just request call back from app..

How do you PhonePe transactions?

How to Get PhonePe App for your Android Mobile:Send, Request Money from friends/family by entering their number, name or VPA. … Recharge your Mobile, Data Card, DTH and Pay Postpaid Bills, Landline, Electricity, and Gas Bills.Check your bank account balance.Merchant Cashback and Refunds added to your wallet instantly.More items…

Can I remove transactions from my statement?

Your bank statements are a ledger of what you did throughout that cycle. You can’t remove any transaction from it since they are auto-generates from the bank. Statements are also used in court and can be subpoenaed in a civil/criminal suit-so they are also considered legal documents.

Can you delete PayPal transaction history?

You can’t delete your PayPal history, but you can delete your account instead, and accomplish basically the same thing. In the past you could archive PayPal transactions, but that still wouldn’t truly delete them. Visit Business Insider’s homepage for more stories.

How do I remove my bank account from Amazon?

To manage your bank accounts:In Your Account, go to Your Bank Accounts.Do one of the following: To add a new bank account, select Add a New Bank Account and follow the on-screen instructions. To delete a bank account, select Delete under your saved bank account details.

How do I check my PhonePe transaction history?

The Status of any transaction can be one of these 3 – Pending, Completed or Failed. To get a list of transactions classified basis their status, click on the filter symbol at the left of Calendar. From the drop-down, click on Status. The tab will expand where you can select the required items.

How do I check my bank statement on PhonePe?

Tap Bank Balance in the Transfer Money section on the home screen of the app. Select the bank account for which you’d like to check the balance. Enter the BHIM UPI PIN for that account. Your bank balance will be displayed on the screen.

How can I close my bank account?

By taking the right steps when switching banks, you can ensure a seamless transition.Find your new bank.Review and transfer automatic payments and recurring transactions.Transfer the money from your old bank to your new bank.Close the account and request a written letter.

How do I get my money back from PhonePe wallet?

Open the PhonePe App.Go to “My Account”.Then click on “Wallet Balance”.Then you will see two options – Topup & Withdrawal.Go to “Withdrawal”.See the screenshot.

Can I get my money back from PhonePe?

There is no way to recover money if you send to a wrong recipients. Originally Answered: I sent money through PhonePe to the wrong mobile number. How do I get my money back? Call the no and ask him politely if he refunds you then your problem is solved.

How do I permanently delete my UPI ID?

How to delete upi id Select UPI settings in ‘My Account’ section. Select UPI linked bank accounts option. Click on the three dots and select the option to track bank account. Edit the upi id and delete Deleting UPI id shall deactivate it and delete all bank accounts!

How do I remove my details from PhonePe?

Steps you can follow to remove bank accounts from PhonePeStep 1: Open PhonePe app on your mobile.Step 2: After that go to My Account section.Step 3: Click on the Bank accounts.Step 4: All your linked bank accounts will be shown. … Step 5: A pop-up box will appear.More items…•

How do I cancel a PhonePe transaction?

Sorry the transaction cannot be cancelled. You wait for maximum 1 to 2 hrs to see if the transaction get completed or not. If not then phonepe will refund the money to your bank account within 7 working days maximum.

How do I clear my transaction history?

How To Delete Transaction History In Google Pay?Open Google Chrome.Look for your account in Google Chrome Application.The App will redirect to Google Pay activity.Tap Data and personalisation.Scroll down and tap on my activity.A new screen requesting to select topic/product to be deleted will appear.More items…•

Can I hide my transaction history in Paytm?

Can I hide my transaction history in Paytm? How do I add Paytm money to Passbook? Hello Dear, According to me, No, Transaction history is cannot be cleared or delete by the owner of account.