Question: What Day Do Family Dollar Employees Get Paid?

Is Family Dollar a good company to work for?

On average, employees at Family Dollar give their company a 3.5 rating out of 5.0 – which is 11% lower than the average rating for all companies on CareerBliss.

The happiest Family Dollar employees are District Managers submitting an average rating of 4.4 and Assistant Managers with a rating of 3.6..

How much do Family Dollar employees get paid?

Family Dollar Stores Inc pays its employees an average of $10.55 an hour. Hourly pay at Family Dollar Stores Inc ranges from an average of $8.56 to $14.32 an hour.

Does Family Dollar give raises?

How often do raises occur at Family Dollar? Annually per review. Managers raises are based on store performance and are effected by assistant managers performance also.

How much is a target paycheck?

Target cashiers also make between $7 and $15 per hour, with an average of $9. However, in 2018, Target announced they are raising their minimum wage to $12 an hour for all team members, according to Fast Company. That’s higher than the minimum state-level salary in all 50 states.

Does Family Dollar pay minimum wage?

The typical Family Dollar Stores Cashier makes $9 per hour. Cashier hourly pay at Family Dollar Stores can range from $8 – $12.

What day of the week do target employees get paid?

When do you get paid at target Paychecks are dated on Fridays. Pay is biweekly.

Does Target really pay 15 an hour?

Target Increases Starting Wage to $15; Thanks Frontline Team Members with Recognition Bonus. Target (NYSE: TGT) today announced a number of industry-leading updates and extensions to its pay and benefits. Beginning July 5, it will permanently raise its starting wage for U.S. team members to $15 per hour.

Does Sykes get paid every week?

A: We pay you every two weeks.

Who pays more dollar or family general?

Salaries. Of the top 3 common jobs between the two companies, Dollar General salaries averaged $7,048 higher than Family Dollar Stores.

What benefits does Family Dollar offer?

Benefits Summary Family Dollar Stores Inc offers health, dental, and vision benefits. Family Dollar Stores Inc also offers group life insurance and long-term disability insurance. To help ensure a dependable flow of money later in life, many workers take advantage of employer-funded retirement plans.

Does Family Dollar Pay weekly or biweekly?

Family Dollar pays every two weeks.

What do Family Dollar employees wear?

Red shirt and khaki pants.

Does Family Dollar have a dress code?

6 answers. Family Dollar does not provide. Required uniform: red polo and jeans. No you have to buy your own shirt.

Does target withhold first paycheck?

4 answers. No but depending on when you were hired it may be over two weeks before you get it. … You get paid biweekly at Target, so depending on if you start working here on a paid week or non paid week, your paycheck may be withheld for a week.

How often do Family Dollar employees get paid?

two weeksHow often do employees get paid at family dollar? Its every two weeks now.

Do Family Dollar employees get a discount?

8 answers. No they do not. Sadly No, but if you think about it Family Dollar is a Discount Retail, unlike Big Box such as Walmart and Target. The store doesn’t offer any discounts.

What are the requirements to work at Family Dollar?

Most Family Dollar positions require you to be at least 18 years old. However, some locations do drop the minimum age down to 16 years old.

How much do Family Dollar stockers make?

The typical Family Dollar Stores Cashier/Stocker makes $9 per hour. Cashier/Stocker hourly pay at Family Dollar Stores can range from $8 – $11.