Question: What Is The Time Period For The Long Duration Crops To Be Termed As NPA?

How is NPA calculated?

Formula: Net non-performing assets = Gross NPAs – Provisions.

Gross NPA Ratio is the ratio of total gross NPA to total advances (loans) of the bank.

Provision Coverage Ratio = Total provisions / Gross NPAs..

Is Onion a rabi or kharif crop?

In a written reply to the Lok Sabha, he said onion is a seasonal crop with harvesting period of rabi (March to June), kharif (October to December) and late-kharif (January-March). During July to October, the supply in the market comes from stored onions from rabi season.

What is a doubtful asset?

A doubtful asset is an asset that has been non-performing for more than 12 months. Loss assets are loans with losses identified by the bank, auditor, or inspector that need to be fully written off. They typically have an extended period of non-payment, and it can be reasonably assumed that it will not be repaid.

What is NPA as per RBI norms?

A ‘non-performing asset’ (NPA) was defined as a credit facility in respect of which the interest and/ or instalment of principal has remained ‘past due’ for a specified period of time. The specified period was reduced in a phased manner as under: Year ending March 31. Specified period. 1993.

What are three types of crops?

Cropping SeasonsS. NoCropping SeasonCrops1.RabiWheat, barley, peas, gram, mustard etc.2.KharifRice, maize, jowar, bajra, tur, moong, urad, cotton, jute, groundnut, soybean etc.3.ZaidSeasonal fruits, vegetables, fodder crops etc.Nov 2, 2019

How NPA is declared?

In general, loans become NPAs when they are outstanding for 90 days or more, though some lenders use a shorter window in considering a loan or advance past due. A loan is classified as a non-performing asset when it is not being repaid by the borrower. … In such a case, the loan is considered “in arrears.”

Which are not Kharif crops?

Barley and Mustard are not Kharif crops and Bajara ,Maize,Rice,Jowar,Sugarcane,Groundnut are Kharif crops. How satisfied are you with the answer?

What is difference between Rabi and Kharif?

What is the major difference between Rabi and Kharif crops? The major difference is that the Rabi crops are grown in the winter season whereas the Kharif crops are grown in the monsoon season.

Which of the following is a long duration crop?

Answer: Crops that have a life span of one year or less is not as short-term crops. They include crops like Leafy green vegetables, paddy, millets, and cereals. Whereas a crop is having a life cycle of minimum five years or greater is known as long-term crops. Crops like coconut, mango, and teak fall in this group.

What are Kharif crops?

Common kharif cropsJowar.Maize (corn)Millet.Rice (paddy and deepwater rice)Soybean.

How is RBI tackling with NPA?

To tackle NPA problem, RBI puts 200 stressed bank accounts under scanner. As part of its effort to contain rising non-performing assets (NPAs), the RBI has started scrutiny of 200 large accounts to assess the level of stress and provisioning done against them by respective banks.

What crop does not need much water?

These include cool-season legumes such as peas, lentils and fava beans, and the crucifer crops: Brussels sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, collards, kale, kohlrabi, mustard, broccoli, turnips and watercress. Sweet corn and lettuce are shallow-rooted and don’t do well without a lot of water.

How much water does it take to irrigate 1 acre?

27,154 gallonsIt takes 27,154 gallons of water to irrigate one acre of land with an inch of water. This measurement is useful when you need to water one or more acres and need to evaluate whether your current flow rate is adequate for getting it done according to your schedule.

What vegetables need lots of water?

Turnips, parsnips, carrots, beets, and sweet potatoes need steady water while their roots (or bulbs) are growing; lettuce, cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, and Brussels sprouts need focused watering while they leaves or heads (really unopened flowers) are developing; and radishes, Swiss chard, celery, kale, leeks, and …

What are the 4 types of assets?

Common types of assets include current, non-current, physical, intangible, operating, and non-operating. Correctly identifying and classifying the types of assets is critical to the survival of a company, specifically its solvency and associated risks.

What are standard assets?

Standard asset for a bank is an asset that is not classified as an NPA. The asset exhibits no problem in the normal course other than the usual business risk. … More specifically, according to RBI circular, sub-standard asset is an asset that has continued to remain an NPA for a period less than or equal to 1 year.

What are short duration crops?

A short duration cover crop is one that is grown or managed for a short period of time, usually 45 to 60 days. Examples include buckwheat, cowpea, oats, oilseed radish, yellow mustard, and sorghum-sudangrass. Advantages of planting cover crops.

Which crop needs more duration?

The climate: in a sunny and hot climate crops need more water per day than in a cloudy and cool climate. The crop type: crops like maize or sugarcane need more water than crops like millet or sorghum. The growth stage of the crop; fully-grown crops need more water than crops that have just been planted.

What vegetables grow in 30 days?

These veggies can also be planted directly in the garden or inside in pots and will be ready in under 30 days. Many of them even work well indoors….Vegetable PlantsRadishes. Radish is the star of the show when it comes to quick-growing vegetables. … Lettuce. … Spinach. … Spring Onions. … Arugula. … Turnip Greens. … Microgreens.

What is the easiest crop to grow?

Salad Leaves. Salad leaves such as lettuce are quick off the blocks and, when harvested by cutting just a few leaves at a time from each plant, they should continue to give fresh leaves for many weeks. … Zucchini. … Beans. … Beets. … Chard. … Strawberries.

What happens if my loan becomes NPA?

The borrower’s account is classified as a non-performing asset (NPA) if the repayment is overdue by 90 days. In such cases, the lender has to first issue a 60-day notice to the defaulter. “If the borrower fails to repay within the notice period, the bank can go ahead with sale of assets.