Question: Where Can I Pay Using EasyPay?

How much do Eskom employees earn?

Eskom pays its employees an average of R434,239 a year.

Salaries at Eskom range from an average of R154,262 to R909,704 a year..

Is VCpay safe?

Is VCpay safe to use? Yes! VCpay is the safest way to pay for goods and services online. Every time you use VCpay to pay online your information remains secure, safe and anonymous.

How much is Eskom worth?

As of January 2020 South African municipalities owe Eskom a total of roughly R43 billion (equivalent to US$2.88 billion).

How long does EasyPay take to reflect?

48 hoursFunds deposited at an EasyPay pay point can take up to 48 hours to reflect in your VCpay account. This depends on when and where the payment was made, as some merchant points take longer to reflect than others.

Where can I pay Eskom?

Bill Payments can be made at any banking branch of ABSA, FNB, Nedbank or Standard Bank. A customer can make a payment through EFT at any financial institution and pay the money into an Eskom bank account.

How do I check my EasyPay balance?

View your balance at any ATM. It’s easy, just dial *130*3737# and select the option!

How does EasyPay work on the shopping channel?

Easy Pay® is a safe, automated installation-billing offer that allows you to split the total value of a purchase into interest-free monthly payments. On the day your item ships, you can expect your first payment to be billed to your credit card.

How do I apply for Eskom electricity?

Call 08600 37566, e-mail or visit an Eskom Customer Service Hub closest to you should you need any clarification in regard to the above. Complete your connection application form.

What is EasyPay?

Cox EasyPay is a safe, automatic, and recurrent payment program that allows you pay your bill automatically each month using a designated bank account or credit card. You can register for EasyPay using one of the following methods. Through MyAccount on

Where is my EasyPay account number?

With easypay your phone number that you have used to register is your account number.

How do I pay with EasyPay?

Simply fill in your EasyPay number, a payment reference and the amount you wish to pay. Click “Pay Now” to continue. Alternatively you can add accounts to your list of beneficiaries below and pay from that list instead.