Quick Answer: How Can I Check My Jazz Subscribed Services?

How can I activate jazz monthly Internet package?

To subscribe, dial Dial *661#.

These packages for all the heavy users out there.

If you want to have 12 GBs of monthly mobile data for a month at PKR 349 then Dial *117*30#.

Or, if you want to get more than that, get the 20 GBs monthly supreme internet package at PKR 499 then Dial *117*32#!.

How can I check my 20gb jazz monthly package?

20 GB DATA (10 GB 2 AM – 2 PM)Subscription. Fee Rs.499 (Incl. tax)Subscription. Code *117*32#Validity 30 Days.Status. Code *117*32*2#

How can I make jazz call package?

Upon dialing *303#, customer will select the desired validity (1,7 & 30 days) along with quota for each type of incentive i-e Jazz minutes, Other network minutes, MBs & SMS Jazz minutes can only be consumed on Jazz.

What is Jazz budget package?

The Jazz Budget is designed to suit your socializing needs when you want to enjoy the freedom of speaking your heart out with friends and family, that too at affordable rates!

How can I unsubscribe from jazz bajao daily?

Yes, you can opt out from Bajao Premium service anytime by sending a text message “Unsub” to 7778 or dial 7778 free of cost.

How can I check my jazz status?

My StatusSubscription. Fee Rs.1.20/day (Incl. tax)Subscription. Code SMS ‘SUB’ to 6085.Validity Week.Unsubscribe SMS ‘UNSUB’ to 6085.

How can I get jazz loan?

To get Jazz Advance, just dial *112# from your Jazz Prepaid number and you will receive an advance of Rs. 15 in your account when your balance is below Rs. 100, anytime in the next 4 hours.

How can I change my jazz package?

Switch Your PackageCall 123 from your Jazz connection.Press 3 for package settings.Press “the number” for package selection.Press 1 to confirm your selection.Your package will change and applicable fee will be deducted from your account.

How can I check my jazz subscribed package?

To Check Your Currently activated Package on Your Jazz Sim, Send an empty SMS to 3838. You will receive the information about the current package on your Jazz Sim through SMS.

How can I unsubscribe from jazz monthly Internet package?

SocialSubscription. Fee Rs.99 (Incl. Tax)Subscription. Fee (For Gwadar) Rs.110 (Incl. Tax)Subscription. Code *661#Validity 1 Month.Unsubscribe *661*4#Status Code *661*2#Bundle Information Code *661*3#

How can I unsubscribe jazz status?

​Let your loved ones know how you feel with Jazz My StatusSubscription Fee Rs.15/ Month.Subscription Code SMS ‘SUB’ to 6085.Unsubscribe SMS ‘UNSUB’ to 6085.

What is jazz monthly browser package?

Jazz Monthly Browser offer will let users browse for a whole month in just Rs. 215. All you need to do is just to subscribe to this offer and you will get 4GB data for 30 days. To subscribe to this offer, you need a balance of Rs.

What is Jazz Easy package?

Validity Lifetime. Internet Rs.5/MB. Jazz + Warid Mins Rs.3.32 /60 Sec. Other. Network Mins Rs.3.32/60 Sec.

What is Jazz Champion package?

Carrying the legacy forward of being a true Jazz Champion, Jazz presents the ‘Jazz Champion’! It is the default package on all new prepaid connections. A package that offers reduced call rates to all local networks but also provides discounted mobile internet & SMS charges.