Quick Answer: How Do I Get Cashback From PayZapp?

How do I use PayZapp cashback?

Bill Payment :Flat 5% cashback on bill payments on minimum transaction of Rs 200/-Max CashBack upto Rs 150 per month per customer.Enter Promo Code “BILL PAY” at PayZapp payment page.Steps to make payment: Login to PayZapp > click on Bill Pay > select the bill category to be paid e.g.: electricity.


What is the maximum limit of PayZapp in a day?

The daily limit for fund transfer is Rs. 5, 000 per day and per month it is Rs. 10, 000. However, for payments / transactions done on merchant websites through linked credit / debit cards, the available limit on a credit card / balance available in your bank a/c will apply.

What is HDFC cashback offer?

Get 10% Cash Back on HDFC Bank Debit or Credit Cards and additional 10X Reward Points on Credit Cards. … The maximum cash back permitted/allowed per Card (including all add-on-cards) during the Offer Period is Rs. 2,000/-. The offer is valid from 10th to 12th December only.

Can I transfer money from PayZapp to bank account?

You can make a PayZapp to PayZapp fund transfer in a single click. You can also send money from PayZapp to any bank account and enjoy the benefits of a cash free and instant transfer experience anytime you require it. Download and register on PayZapp and enjoy the benefits of a cashless experience today!

Is PayZapp card a debit card?

Udio payzapp card works as both debit and credit card. Both are treated as Credit cards. Virtual Cards are Credit Cards with floating limits equal to the balance available in the linked wallet.

What is the benefit of PayZapp?

Gain better control and visibility of your expenses, easily and conveniently. Rewards: PayZapp Card is a rewarding way to pay – with loads of discounts, sign-on bonuses, loyalty points and cash backs. Save money on everything from shopping online to recharging your phone to ordering a car through a mobile app.

How can I withdraw money from PayZapp?

Steps to transfer from PayZapp account to bank accountClick on. Pay/send money.Click. on bank icon.Enter. account name, account number, IFSC code, account type and amount.Proceed. payment in one click.

How much can be transferred from PayZapp to bank account?

PayZapp will give 5% upto Rs. 500 cashback within 60 working days on NoBroker. Yes for a transfer of 50,000 nobroker would charge you 500, the same amount you will get back through Payzapp. So till 50,000 you don’t have to pay any charges effectively after taking cashback also into consideration.

Is PayZapp app only for HDFC customers?

PayZapp is the application from HDFC that deal in recharging, bill payment, money transfer, ticket Booking, and shopping. It works very well with all customer of any bank who have debit & credit card (Currently only Visa & master cards are supported).

What is the monthly limit of PayZapp?

10k per monthAs far as I know,without full kyc any online wallet/payzapp like service comes with a monthly limit of 10k & total annual limit of 1 Lakh for adding money. If you got hdfc debit or credit card linked the it is 1lac else 10k per month.

How can I increase my PayZapp wallet limit?

First, open Payzapp wallet and go to Settings….PayZapp Full KYC online – How To CompleteYour wallet limit will be increased up to 1,00,000 per month, so you can add money 1 lac per month.You can transfer money from your wallet to any bank account.Your Payzapp card validity now for 5 years.More items…•

Can I transfer money from PayZapp to Paytm?

If your money stuck in payzapp and you want to transfer into paytm account then follow this simple steps. … It will work same as bank debit card and using payzapp card you can add payzapp money to any wallet transaction app like paytm.