Quick Answer: Is Netspend A Pay Card?

Is netspend a good card?

Netspend’s prepaid debit card is an expensive alternative to a checking account.

It’s easy to get and there’s no banking history or credit check required to open, but Netspend makes you choose between paying a monthly fee or paying a fee every time you make a purchase..

Why did I get a card from netspend?

According to the representative, someone at netSpend thought that our household needed a Visa debit card, so they sent us one. … It seems that netSpend’s business is basically to get people to deposit money onto its cards and then slowly wittle away peoples’ money with fees.

Is netspend card for unemployment?

Some people cash their unemployment check because they don’t have a bank account. … Instead of carrying cash, direct depositing your money onto a prepaid debit card like Netspend can help protect your money and makes it possible to make purchases or pay bills online.

What type of account is netspend?

Netspend is not a checking or savings account, but a prepaid debit card that can be reloaded.

What time does netspend make deposits?

4-6am on the day you get paid. Your check will deposit to you account at midnight but won’t be released till 4-6am.

Will stimulus check go on netspend card?

You receive your government benefit funds by check If you’re enrolled in Anytime Alerts2, you can also text DIRECT to 22622. You may add the stimulus check funds to your Account without leaving your home by using Mobile Check Load5 on the Netspend Mobile App.